Better perks, happier employees.

Select from a wide variety of discounts and exclusives that are relevant to your employee’s needs – Kazh Marketplace is the perk platform that boosts employee health, happiness, and productivity through flexible compensation, lifestyle perks, and rewards.

A perk platform that combines both work and lifestyle

One of a kind approach for employee benefits


From restaurants to your favourite clothing shops, to limited edition items, concert tickets & members-only offers.

Perks that matter

Choose the perks that actually matter to you. Utilise perks that help you be the best at work.

Make the most of our network to your advantage

Drive growth – upsell products and services.

Our platform provides you all the things you need to upsell and manage your products – you can give discounts to boost traffic, or push a brand new exclusive item – let’s make your business grow.

Let’s make work a better place Too

With categories that cover health, wellness, food, family, sustainability – there’s always something for everyone

No reimbursement process

Say goodbye to the painful reimbursement process as the perk program is cost-effective and provides high ROI.

Work - Life balance

As a perks platform that capitalizes on employee work – life balance, our goal is to be able to provide things that is relevant to what the employee needs.

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Drive Growth – Upsell Products And Services.